Tips for Shy Bladder Cure

Published: 13th June 2011
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We all have heard or may be at times experienced shy bladder or pee- shy. It happens when you think you are unable to perform the activity in the bathroom with other people are around. Itís a form of anxiety that causes you to struggle to pee in public restrooms. You are scared that you might not be able to go or other people might think of you as a weirdo.

You are not alone; millions of people are dealing with shy bladder syndrome which means that there are plenty of people who are looking for shy bladder cure as well. Shy bladder syndrome is not a matter of joke because you can avoid anything else but not peeing at a public restroom especially when you are traveling or at work.

The more you think about shy bladder the more worse it gets. It is a very serious matter in many people lives and they are looking for shy bladder cure. Many suffers try to cope up with the condition via trial and error method. However, there are methods to reduce shy bladder syndrome that will eventually help you to eliminate the problem completely. Disorders like this can be both conscious and subconscious problem. Here are few things that you can take care of for shy bladder cure.

1. Drink less fluid. This will save you from use of public restrooms but it will leave you open to dehydration.

2. Try not to use large and crowded restrooms. This makes you conscious and you will feel hesitant to pee in front of others.

3. Listen to music or talk to a friend. One of major problem that has been noticed in shy bladder cure is the silence in the restrooms which makes you even more conscious to use restroom in front of others.

4. Get into routine. Try to continue the same routine when you have to pee this will help you feel relaxed under certain conditions. This particularly works when you are going to pee at work.

The tip lies in finding the particular time when you go to pee. This routine works well and you feel relaxed after peeing at the specific time of the day. If you have a good sorted out routine, you might find that you just have to pee twice a day which is not a big deal.

These tips will help you in shy bladder cure under specific conditions. For better results, you can try using as many public restrooms as you can with a mindset of just standing in front of the urinal is success whether you have to urinate or not. And most important thing is you should never feel dishearten of you donít achieve your goal of shy bladder cure at first. Every time you try you are strengthening your inner will to cope with the problem even better.

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