Paruresis Cure – Tips You Should Follow

Published: 25th July 2011
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Paruresis is a serious matter which can really put a damper on a great day. It’s the inability to urinate in front of others and simply feel more comfortable using a stall rather than using a restroom. People with this syndrome experience hesitation in using public bathrooms unlike people who can just go to any restroom they hit upon. Paruresis can range from being a mild syndrome to very extreme and it’s a very embarrassing situation for sufferers which need to be checked by a doctor or do you can do Paruresis cure even at home. It is possible that many doctors and therapists might not be aware of the syndrome and it is also diagnosed as a social anxiety. Paruresis can ruin a person’s life because people tend to cancel meetings and postponed work that can be important to them because they find it difficult to hold their urge of going to pee for a long time that’s why they avoid going out from home. The conditions can become worse if syndrome will not be cured on time. Following points can help you overcome this syndrome.

• Beginners can start by consuming less liquid, though this can cause dehydration. Therefore you have to make sure to maintain a balance.

• Sharing your experiences and troubles to your fellas who understand you well and realize your hard work in overcoming the syndrome can help you cure it even faster. You can also try cognitive behavior therapy.

• If you ignore your social nervousness and start behaving in normal manner like other people to do this can help you to succeed in getting out of your comfort zone which will make your situation better.

• Try to use bathrooms which contain a distraction in them. Distraction can be anything, many be soothing background music in the restroom or a fountain in it. These washrooms are specially designed for the purpose of Paruresis and it makes people comfortable during the whole process.

• To overcome Paruresis, one thing that can be really helpful to you is struggling with a situation where you find challenge. If you keep performing well, you will find it easier like other people to go to restroom even if it’s not urgency.

• There is never a clear logical explanation behind Paruresis as it primarily depends on the biological chain and nurture of the child. Some people have such strong emotion for this syndrome that they don’t even accept to have Paruresis.

All the above techniques are not very complicated to execute. However, if you follow them properly you will certainly notice the difference in the way you will deal with the disease day by day and you feel mentally satisfied by making efforts. Feeling embarrassed, stressed and frustrated will lead you nowhere instead it will make your condition even worse.

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